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We use an intersectional, trauma-informed, queer affirmative, social justice oriented and psychosocial approach to therapy.





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Our Story

AtEase is an inclusive mental health platform by Lilac Insights. We attempt to create a welcoming environment for all, including trans and non-binary individuals (those who identify beyond the binary of man and woman) to seek the support they need on their mental health journey.

We have a vision of #unfiltering mental health by creating inclusive spaces using a holistic approach.

AtEase aims to nurture individuals’ mental health using an intersectional, trauma informed, queer affirmative and social justice lens through advocacy, collaborations and improved accessibility. AtEase offers a safe space for individuals to reclaim their fulfilling, enjoyable and purposeful lives.

Our platform is led by Richa Vashista she/her (Masters in Clinical Psychology), a mental health professional with seven years of experience who works at the intersections of Gender and Sexuality

Dr Syeda Ruksheda she/her (MBBS, DPM- Psychiatry), is an AtEase Advisor, with over 21 years of experience specializing in women’s mental health.

Let us be your emotional wellness partner to support your organization’s and all employees’ holistic growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is psychotherapy?

In psychotherapy or ‘talk therapy’, a therapist will work with you to:
  • Build insight about your challenges
  • Develop ways to address those challenges
  • Better manage troubling symptoms
Therapy can help you function optimally, enhance your well-being, and support you in your healing journey. There are different methods and approaches of therapy. For example, some types of therapy help you modify how you think and behave, while other types of therapy help you better understand underlying issues by building deeper insight. You can choose from one-on-one therapy (with just you and an AtEase expert) or family or couples therapy, in which you and family members or your partner will work with an expert. More FAQs

What about privacy and confidentiality?

Privacy and confidentiality are essential in counseling. Everything you share with the expert remains confidential. Yet, there could be some exceptions to confidentiality including the possibility of danger to yourself or others, child/ elder abuse, etc. You can discuss this in detail with our experts during sessions to address all your concerns. More FAQs

What will therapy provide for me?

Counseling and psychotherapy give you the opportunity to talk with a trained professional, who can offer support, insights and guidance on how to better tackle challenges you are facing. It gives you a safe and non-judgemental space and encourages you to explore and understand your challenges better. While counseling is not magic or an instant cure, it can help you get clarity, set realistic goals and help you become the version of yourself you want to be. The aim is that in time, this will increase your awareness of yourself, your situation, and the choices that are open to you. It will also provide structure and support for you in difficult times. The counselor will not give you any advice or make you talk about anything you do not want to talk about. More FAQs

How do I know when it is time to see a mental health professional?

It is time to seek support from a mental health professional if:
  • You have felt consistently sad or worried for longer than 2 weeks
  • Negative thoughts and feelings are starting to affect your ability to function in daily life
  • You are showing signs of depression, such as losing interest, or feeling hopeless or unable to cope
  • You feel anxious or worried most or all of the time
  • You start having panic attacks or develop obsessions or compulsive behaviours
  • You want a safe space that is unbiased, to comfortably share your thoughts
Having said this, there is no right time to seek professional help. AtEase experts can offer practical assistance, support, compassion, different perspectives, new strategies, and equip you with coping skills so that you can make the changes you want in your life. More FAQs

Isn’t therapy the same as talking to friends?

Talking with a therapist offers an unbiased, non-judgemental and safe space that friends or family cannot provide. They also have years of formal training and they use evidence-based interventions to support you. They empower you to make an informed choice rather than offering you advice. The severity of a problem discussed in counseling is relative - counseling is valid whether a concern appears minimal or feels overwhelming. People who engage in counseling often find the process helpful to understand themselves better. More FAQs